Week 12 – Have I Improved? – Jordan

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Have I improved? It depends on what you´re looking at on my blog. You could be looking at how many posts I have, what the posts are about, how my blog is organized, or even looking into each post to see if it´s good writing. In most of those catagories, I think I may have improved just a bit.

I remember the beginning of the blog challenge. I did not like this what-so-ever. It seemed so boring, and a bit too easy to navigate around seeing as it was my first time working with it. I have worked with technology for a while in my life so I know a lot of ways around a lot of different websites and their formats. So I found it quite easy to find my way around this blogging website.

I found myself soon enough to love the blogging challenge. I mean some topics were not as fun to write about but I found most of them easy to write about. I am also I decently open person so I don’t mind giving my opinion on most of the topics.

From my posts that I posted for the fall challenge to the poems that I’m writing for this spring challenge. I find my work to be improving over time. Learning things as I go, and making sure to perfect things to my ability. I have found my way around the blog, editing my theme and such.

Others may not see it my way, but I think I have matured more in my writing and began to be more open about myself and my opinion towards other topics. I think my poems are decant enough to put on my blog and I think that my poems and this spring challenge posts are better than my fall challenge posts.

So the answer to the question.

Is that I have Improved.

Week 11 – I’m Not Sorry – Jordan

Sorry, I'm Happy Jeremy Brooks via Compfight

As the water come violently from the hose

That connects to the generic red truck

That she dreamt of driving

Since she was 16 years old


Now she’s 23

And she’s living with her dream job

I don’t expect her to live with us since she’s 23

But she could have waited a few more years

So I could actually remember her


She left to live with a family member when I was 3

So I don’t remember her that much

Though, there are times that I’m glad I don’t remember


She’d come for visits to see me

And those were the best days of my life

I looked up to her so much


Eventually she stopped visiting,

Fell completely out of touch


So I’m sorry that I never bothered to do stuff with you

Or try and make plans to hang out

I’m sorry I didn’t bother to keep in touch with you

I’m sorry I looked up to you just only because you were my sister


But as I grew older and I could think for myself

I realized that she’s a stranger to me


The only things I know about her

Is that she’s a firefighter

And that we have different dads


I don’t know her hobbies,

Or where she lives or even what station she works at

I don’t even remember what her voice sounds like anymore

I don’t consider her my sister anymore

Because she’s a complete stranger to me


So all of those things I said sorry for,

I take them back

I don’t want to lie about it

Because In reality

I’m not sorry

Week 9 – Runaway – Jordan

The blood her wrist

Walks down her arm

Jumping off into the sink

The water runs constantly

Washing away the drops of blood

Removing stains and evidence

The blade drops from her shaking hands

Bouncing off the tile floor

Attempting to make a runaway

She gave up on hiding the stains

And let the blade runaway

She sat on the tile floor

Putting her head in her palms

And let the blood and blade

Runaway with her emotion and soul

Week 8 – Digital Footprint – Jordan


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My digital footprint… I could say my digital is overall decently positive. Like, sure everyone listens to those types of songs and such, but you couldn’t really find anything disturbing or terrible in my history of google or any other social media that I use. It’s not that easy to find innocent songs anymore, like come on its 2017 what do you expect from middle schoolers? None of us are completely innocent, if you were to look at the stuff I post on my social media, it’s not that bad. Not all that innocent, but it’s not terrible. The stuff I post on my social media is most of the stuff you’d expect a middle schooler to post. Pictures of friends and places you went, artwork sometimes, pictures of yourself, pictures of your pets, etc. Though I wouldn’t want my grandparents or grandchildren to see what kind of language I used at this age. I’m not disappointed in myself for using foul language at this age, almost every middle schooler does, and I wouldn’t be to embarrassed if my family were to see it. So it depends on which post or thing they’re looking at.

I searched myself on google and I found some things I weren’t expecting to find. Its nothing inappropriate but I’m just suprised its on google images. When I searched my name the first couple of photos were photos that I had saved on my pinterest account. I haven’t used my pinterest account in over a year actually. It was odd to see it there. Another thing that I saw was a picture of the Blogging Expert list. A blogging expert is just someone who is willing to help others with their blogs and have a tad bit more responsibilities with the blog. My teacher makes a list of the students who were accepted to become a blogging expert. Seeing as I was chosen to be a blogging expert I was on the list. I’m not sure what to think about it being on google though. Otherwise most of the other stuff on the images were hockey players and other things to do with hockey. Fun fact, I’ve never actually played hockey before.

Week 7 – Broken – Jordan

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I may not know how to love

But I know how to like


I may not know how to hate

But I know how to dislike


I may not know how to deal with my feelings

But I still go through them


I may not know the purpose of life

But I still live through it


I may not know how to forget

But I know how to forgive


I may not know what a broken heart feels like

But I know how it feels to be broken


Jadee, spring morning. Cassi J via Compfight

I’ve seen some things

Some of those things

I wish to unsee

Yet my eyes capture

The darkest and brightest

Things of life


Whether I’m standing on a bridge

With a rocky river beneath it

As the oak trees sway on the side

And as the wind takes the leaves

One by one to fly free


Or if I were to stand in a wasteland

With no water

No trees or grass

No life what so ever

Nothing but tumbleweeds flying


Whether I choose to look or not

Is my choice

But when I open my eyes

It’s not only my eyes that open

It’s my soul and my thoughts

Taking everything in at the sight


Sometimes I can’t see well

My vision blurs up

As tears well up in my eyes

And spill down my cheek

Like a waterfall on a rainy day


I choose to open my eyes to the world

Because if I live in fear of seeing the dark things

I might miss the bright things

Week 5 – Family – Jordan

My family is actually very disfunctional, a lot of my friend have nice, loving, wealthy families but that’s not the case for me. My family has fallen apart and nobody has bothered to fix it. I would but, I don’t have enough power to, I don’t think anyone does. My mother dislikes her mother, and my sister hates my mom (her mom to) then my sister loves our grandma. <– Confusing right? I don’t expect you to understand that. It’s hard to explain and there’s much more to it, but I’m WAY to lazy to deal with it.

My mom loves crafts and has a shelf full of earings that she made, she also loves loves to turn innocent dolls into something from a horror movie, it’s kinda scarey. She’s sets the dolls out in the living room so it’s hard to stay up late because if I have to leave the room at night, I have to walk past them staring at me. She’s a big crafts person and makes any jewelry while watching shows on her computer.

My dad stays in the back office that he has turned into his room, and pretty much does nothing but watch TV. Every now and then when it’s sunny out, he’ll work outside on the motorhome, or on a project for our chickens. My dad leaves the house rarely unless it’s a work day, you know, you kinda have to go to work.

My cat (yes he’s part of the family) literally just sits in my room and stares at me, or he’s sleeping on the bed. Otherwise the only time he leaves my room is to get food and water. And he’s scared out of his mind by my dad.

My entire family is lazy lazy lazy! All they wanna do is stay at home and do nothing. My mom HATES leaving the house and my dad just hates leaving his room. I would like to get out more but my family doesn’t so I’m cooped up inside while my internet friends keep my company. It’s not that bad actually.

Week 4 – Somalia – Jordan

Here, I’m going to be talking about the problems in Somalia. Somalia had been suffering from drought and so many people are suffering from sickness, dehydration, hunger, and more.

I was reading about it somewhere and found a small bit of information that says a lot. I thought I might share it with you if your reading! So here you go.

The worst drought in over half a century has hit parts of East Africa affecting more than 10 million people. Thousands of families have travelled for days across scorched scrubland from Somalia to Kenya, including barefoot children with no food or water after their crops and livestock were destroyed by drought. More than 10 million people have been affected across the Horn of Africa. Acute malnutrition has reached 37% in some parts of north east Kenya and child refugees from Somalia are dying of causes related to malnutrition either during the journey or very shortly after arrival at aid camps.


Information By “The Telegraph”

I found this extremely sad, if you choose to look a the website linked below the paragraph the picture is absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. I’m an emotional person so looking at the photo makes me want to cry.

Their water is discolored and full of germs. Children and adults suffering from waterborne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea. I can’t imagine having discolored water and getting sick from it. I also cant imagine my life without food, my life literally revolves around food. I feel bad for the people who must live there with these conditions.

Week 8 – Show Off – Jordan

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TIme to show off my writing skills! Or… at least try to. Here, I’m going to talk about my favorite author. She wrote a book that made me think, the book made me feel emotions that I normally can’t gain from other books. The book was so well written to the point where I could picture it happening in my mind.

This book is called Between by Jessica Warman.

This book is about a girl who dies on her 18th birthday due to drowning. She has a perfect life in the eyes of others, but when she dies mysteriously in the middle of the night I don’t think they think of her so perfectly anymore.. Elizabeth Valchar has her 18th birthday on her fathers yacht with 5 close friends. She wakes up to the sound of what she thinks is a fish stuck under the yacht, she doesn’t bother to wake any of her friends though. She makes her way to the edge of the dock and instead of seeing a fish she finds a dead body in the water. She notices who the girl is after looking at what she’s wearing. She was looking at her own body…

Elizabeth Valchar ends up wanders as a ghost but meets another ghostly friend.. Find out what happens by reading the book! Like I have mentioned before this in an absolutely amazing book and one of my top three favorites. I read a lot of books to, so to get in my top three is pretty difficult… I hope this writing influences you to read this book and the others that she has written!

What are your top three favorite books?